Advisory Committees Visit WSD Programs

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During the month of March eight of the nine WSD Advisory Committees visited our high school programs.  It was felt that committee members would benefit from an on-site experience.    Each visit consisted of a tour of the facilities, the opportunity to have students present their projects to the group in the classroom and often an alumni member of the program who came to tell the committee how they had benefitted from being a part of the curriculum.  All of the committees seemed to enjoy the visits and were filled with questions and positive comments.

Below is a list of the Commmitees and the programs visited:

The Agriculture Advisory Committee visited the Agriculture programs at Weber HS.  Mark Openshaw conducted the tour.  The greenhouse was of real interest to the committee.

The Applied Arts Committee visited the Multimedia and Photography programs at Roy HS and then were transported to Fremont HS to see the Television Production facilities.  Ryan James and Katie Scholer met with the committee and helped answer their questions at Roy and Fred Smith did the same things for the committee at Fremont. 

The Business Committee visited the Credit Union at Bonneville HS and then saw the business programs in action.  Judy Whitby lead the tour and answered questions for the committee. 

The Family and Consumer Sciences Advisory Committee met at Weber HS.  Sharon Hall and Lee Ann Prince conducted the tour.  Sharon talked to the group about the Adult Roles and Financial Literacy class and had two students who helped the group understand the importance of this curriculum.  The committee visited all the FACS programs.

The Health Science Advisory Committee visited the Medical Anatomy and Physiology, Certified Nurse Aide and BioTechnology Programs at Weber High School.  In the CNA area, an open discussion was held with the students.  It was difficult to pull the committee away from this lively discussion.  At the end of the tour, the health professionals requested a tour of Wee Weber and really enjoyed this area.

The Marketing Committee met at Fremont HS with both Dale Pollard and Tori Fishburn.  Dale had invited an alumni member back to talk with the professionals about how she had taken the information from her secondary Marketing classes and used it which in her post-secondary education and today in the workforce.  Members took a tour of the school store and Tori’s facilities.

The Public Safety committee first met at Roy HS and visited with 4 of Roger Hunt’s Law Enforcement students and one alumni.  After breakfast the group traveled to the Roy City Fire Department to watch the EMT-Basic students in action.  Cindy Belnap and Holly Nielson talked with the group about the class goals and then all of the student in the class paired up for a demonstration of physical assessments.

The Skilled and Technical Education Committee visited the Automotive and Machine Tool programs at Bonneville HS. Steve Filiaga showed the committee members the automotive area and explained the program.  Two students talked about how they plan to use this information in their careers.  Mont Forsyth conducted a tour of the Machine Tool/Welding area.  Students tested their welds, showed off their projects and discussed their plans for the future.  An alumni member who is working in the Machine Tool area today came in to talk with the committee about what he had gained by being in this program.

The Project Lead the Way Advisory Committee met at Two Rivers High School.  Since all of the members present had been in our classrooms multiple times, this meeting was conducted as a regular business meeting.

Teachers, if you would like to have an Advisory Committee member visit your program, please notify Larry Leatham or me, Sharen Kamp, and we will try to set that up for you.

Using a District Advisory Committee to Benefit Your Classroom

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Now that we are entering our second year of district-wide Advisory Committee meetings,  it is hoped that WSD teachers and their students will begin to notice their impact on the classroom.  As usual, a committee’s first year seems to be a time for organizing, learning, visualizing, and researching.  The foundation must be there for the committee to build upon.
WSD established nine (9) Advisory Committees in 2006-07.  They were

  • Agriculture Advisory Committee
  • Applied Arts Advisory Committee
  • Business Advisory Committee
  • Family and Consumer Science Advisory Committee
  • Health Science Technology Advisory Committee
  • Marketing Advisory Committee
  • Public Safety and Government Advisory Committee
  • Project Lead the Way Advisory Committee
  • Skills and Technical Education Advisory Committee

Each Advisory Committee member came to understand that there would be two general meetings a year with invitations to participate in classrooms, fieldtrips, and other educational activities in Weber District.  We helped them to become familiar with the education system and to understand how CTE fits with the overall educational structure.  We told them that they were the liaisons between the classroom and the community.   They were kept busy helping to

  • Identify new technologies to include in CTE programs
  • Enlighten us on labor market needs, trends, and directions
  • Obtain instructional materials for programs
  • Recommend safety policies and procedures
  • Assist in career pathway development
  • Review program goals and objectives
  • Provide insight into job placement
  • Make recommendations for program improvement
  • Assist in locating appropriate job shadown, internships, and other work-based learning programs
  • Provide inservice opportunities for instructors

Actually I think we worked them too hard.  But, at the end of the year, they all promised to return and serve another year.  I feel this speaks volumes for our Advisory Committee members. 

WSD has completed its first round of Advisory Committee meetings for the 2007-08 school year.  Minutes and Committee Membership Rosters will be posted on the CTE Website. 

In the plans for early February is, for lack of better words, an Advisory Committee Open House at each of our High Schools.  The plan is select one day for each school and invite all Advisory Committee Members to drop in and learn first-hand what CTE is doing in our classrooms and labs.  We have found that, although a committee is program-oriented, they have a broad-based interest in all of our programs.  This will be an opportunity for teachers to meet on a one-to-one basis with their Advisory Committee Member team.  Watch for dates and times.

During March the second round of meetings will be held.  Teachers are always welcome to talk with the CTE coordinator of their program about attending these meetings.  There are two (2) teachers in each program area that are committee members.  They will be working with your program coordinator to report at your PLC meetings.  

We want to build a meeting agenda that will work for you, so please feel comfortable to e-mail agenda items to Larry Leathan ( or Sharen Kamp (