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The 2009-10 Master List for Concurrent Enrollment has now been posted on the USOE web site.  Because many of you may need to refer to the 2008-09 Master List, the following link will allow you to visit both sites.  

Lately there seems to be much discussion regarding the status of Concurrent Enrollment (CE) in the future in Utah. Over the past few months, Bob Wood, Tara Bell and I have been attending CE State, Regional Focus, and Post-secondary meetings related to CE issues.  Below is a summary of what we have learned.

  • There is a concern that students are earning “empty” credits.  These are credits for courses that do not lead to a degree or certificate. 
  • Student SEOPs reflect the high school graduation credits and the USOE CTE Pathway planning. This should ensure that students do not take “empty” credits. In addition, higher education institutions are now providing advising for student who are taking concurrent classes. At this time a General Education and USOE CTE Pathway document is being generated that will be available to all parents and students.  Efficient use of these things will go a long way to ensure that students do not earn “empty” credits.

  • There is a request to have CE programming “focused on a limited set of widely accepted courses meeting general education and CTE requirements.
  • The USOE Master Lists for CE are being refined.  USOE CTE Pathway information is being added to the Master Lists. In addition the general education and pathway document mentioned above will help students and parents identify the CE courses which will be beneficial to them.

  • Teachers are concerned that the classes they teach may be dropped.  

At this time the general thought is that if the class is a post-secondary General Education requirement or if the class is shown on a USOE CTE Career Pathway and has adequate enrollment, the class should remain viable.

 Bob Wood will be attending a CE Regional Focus group on 1/14/09 in SLC.  If there are any changes in the information stated above, I will post that information.  In addition, on January 30, 2009, the State CE Meeting will take place in St. George.  Bob, Tara, and I will be attending this meeting via IVC(EDNET) at Bonneville HS.  Again, I will update you after that meeting.

Please let me or your CE Site Coordinator (CTE Coordinator) know your concerns.  We will try to address them as quickly as possible.