Pathways No Comments

Over the past few months many of us have found the term “Career Pathway” becoming more and more a part of our vocabulary.  I feel that this is a “good thing!” 

Most of us received a copy of the Utah High School to College and Career Pathways book at our CTE Summer Conferences.  By now we have all thumbed through the pages, stopping and probably paying closer attention to those pathways related to the program areas we teach.  Many of us have found ourselves quoting the information in this book to our students and fellow teachers.

 In addition, it would be hard not to have noticed that WSD has translated the state’s information into a more visual career pathway.  These can be seen on WSD’s CTE website,    The first website posting is being revised and should, by November 15, 2007,  reflect the new graduation requirements that will be required of the Classes of 2010 and 2011.

These pathways can also be found in new pathway brochures that has been developed for students and parents.  At this time the CTE coordinator or counselor in each building can help teachers and students/parents get copies of these brochures.  It is hoped that every teacher will find time to review the brochures in their program  area and offer comments and suggestions to Sharen Kamp at 

WSD is bound at this time to use the pathway course sequencing that the USOE has suggested but comments and suggestions will be addressed with the State Specialists and changes might result from those comments.  In addition, we are asking our WSD Advisory Committee members to offer comments and suggestions that we might discuss with the USOE. 

Together we can build pathways that will lead to “Career Success for WSD Students”!