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6.2 Stirring Up Memories

This is a non-fiction article about Pam Munoz Ryan.  Sound familiar?  She is the author of last week’s story, “Mice and Beans.”  We LOVE writing in our class!  Pam tells us what it’s like to be a real author.  She also shows us where she gets some of her fun ideas for her books. You can learn more about Pam Munoz Ryan at her official website.  She has written several pictures books and chapters books that you might enjoy.

Do you have a favorite author?  Write a comment and tell us about your favorite author.

6.1 Mice and Beans

This is a funny story about about grandmother who is assembling a party for her granddaughter.  As she gets ready for the party each day, fetching several different items for the party.  Rosa Maria plans a delicious menu that she’s sure her family will devour!  Each night Rosa Maria sets a mousetrap, but the next day it is missing.  Rosa Maria thinks she must be forgetting to set the traps.  Is this story reality or fantasy?  Rosa Maria worked all week to plan her granddaughter’s birthday party.  What type of party would you like?  What would you need to plan?

Multiplication Songs

Are you trying to memorize your multiplication facts?  Click on the following links to watch us sing the multiplication songs with fun actions that we created:

Multiples of 3 sung to “Do Your Ears Hang Low”

Multiples of 4 sung to “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”

Multiples 6 sung to “London Bridges”

Multiples of 7 sung to “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”

Multiples of 8 sung to “She’ll be Comin’ Round the Mountain”

Multiples of 9 sung to “Hokey Pokey”


How to Make Puppets

We are so excited to start working on our puppet shows!  Each student has chosen his/her character.  Now they need to begin work with a parent at home to design and create their puppet.  We realize that for some “craft-challenged” parents, this might be an overwhelming task.  Please know that your child will be excited for ANY style of puppet that you want to help them create.  They can be as simple or elaborate as you wish.  You have a month to work on this assignment.  They should be finish by Friday, April 25th.

If you go to YouTube or Pinterest, you will find a PLETHORA of tutorials!  Find the style that fits your abilities and have fun with it.  Many of the steps will be for adults only, but we hope your children will be able to help whenever possible.

The best tutorials I have found are by professional puppeteer, Paul Lewis.  He goes into a LOT of detail!  Here’s a link to Paul Lewis sewing a simple fleece puppet, with arms.  This one is my personal favorite.  It’s very simple, but makes an EXCELLENT puppet!

You can find whole series of “How to Make a Puppet” by Paul Lewis on eHow.com

Here are a few other ideas:

How to Make a Muppet-Style Puppet for Kids

Jim Hensen Making Very Simple Puppets

Making Puppets Without a Sewing Machine



5.5 The Moon

Online Activities

Read The Moon on p. 268

This is a very interesting non-fiction story about the moon.  What do you already know about the moon?  What would you like to learn?


Did you know that the sun is a star?  It seems to be the brightest object in the sky because it is the closest star to the Earth.  Actually, there are several stars that are much, much bigger and much, much brighter than the sun.  Watch these interesting videos to see just how big the Earth, Sun, and other planets are.


Pushing Up The Sky