Kindergarten Round-Up

It was exciting to meet some of the new students that will be coming to Plain City next year. You’re going to love it here! I’ve attached my presentation in case you want a closer look at some of the apps and games we discussed. You should also have a hard copy in the folder you were given that day.

If you’re interested in our 2 week summer tutoring to get ready for kindergarten, and you did not sign up at Round-Up, please send me an email before May 1st:


K Round-Up

Handwriting Cues

Study Like a Scholar

Anything is possible when you’re in a library!


How to Read a Book

This funny video imagines what it might have been like when books were first invented.

How would you teach someone to use to book that had never seen one before?  How sad!

Word of the week: INDEPENDENT

Are these people independent or dependent?