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Suggested School Supplies for My Class

Suggested School Supplies
________ A backpack
________ 1 three-ring binder (1½ inch )*
________ 8 pocket dividers for the binder (these should be labeled as follows: Math, Spelling, Language, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Computers & Miscellaneous)
________ 1 zipper pencil pouch*
________ 3 composition notebooks
________ 1 pair of scissors
________ 1 bottle of glue (4-ounce)
________ Colored Pencils (12 count)
________ 8 pencils
________ 8 dry-erase markers**
________ Erasers
________ 6 red pens for correcting
________ 4 glue sticks
________ $3.00 for the planner that your child will receive on the first day of school
________ 1 roll of paper towels or 1 container of disinfecting wipes
________ 1 box of Kleenex
* Please note that trapper keepers and pencil boxes do not easily fit into students’ desks. Please choose an ordinary three-ring binder and a zipper pouch.
**The economy brands are not a good buy – they last about a week. I recommend the Expo brand – they should last all year.
Additionally, since our school library will not be open during the first week of school, your child will need to bring a free reading book with him/her on the first day of school.
Many Thanks!

Welcome Back!

Raise your hand if you think that this summer just flew by! It sure feels that way to me! I hope that all of you enjoyed your summer and that you are ready to begin another exciting new year of learning. Although I admit that I enjoy my summer vacations, I am always ready to get back to school once August rolls around. It’s true – I like my job, and I especially like fifth-graders.

One piece of information that parents seem to appreciate receiving early is the list of suggested school supplies. Although my students and their parents will receive a list during Back-to-School night (August 19th – don’t miss it!), I have posted it in this blog for your convenience.

I look forward to working with you to make this school year terrific!


Mrs. Ply

My Discipline Plan

Dear Parents,
It is critical to maintain an effective discipline plan in order to ensure an optimal learning environment. Following is a description of the discipline plan I use in my classroom. I favor this approach because it allows students to analyze and evaluate their own behavior, and it provides for consistent communication with you. Most importantly, it communicates to students the idea that you and I are working together to encourage them to do and be their best.

The rules that my students will be expected to follow in class are the same as those that are posted throughout the school. They are as follows:
1. Follow Directions
2. Listen Actively
3. Your Body in Control

These rules will be posted on the left side of a standard manila folder. The consequences of breaking any of the rules will also be posted in the folder. These consequences are as follows:

First Infraction – W (warning) – no stamp for that day
Second Infraction – – lose five minutes of the morning recess
Third Infraction – – lose recess
Fourth Infraction – – phone call to parents

If a student behaves as he/she is expected, then the student receives a stamp for that day. If, however, a student chooses to break a rule, the behavior will be recorded on a calendar, which will be posted on the right side of the manila folder. In order to encourage good behavior, students who earn a stamp for 85% of the academic quarter will be allowed to participate in an end-of- the quarter reward. Students who do not earn the privilege of participating in the end-of- the quarter reward will sit through a supervised study period. A sample calendar from an actual discipline folder from last year is on the reverse side of this paper.

At the end of the week, students will take their discipline folders home. I would very much appreciate it if you would look the discipline folder over and if necessary, discuss with your child his/her behavior and how he/she can improve it. Students will be expected to bring their signed discipline folder back to school the next school day. With your support, I am certain that this school year will be a positive experience for your child and for all of my students.
Mrs. Ply