Have you practiced yet?

Go practice!

How Many Hours a Day Should You Practice?

Amazing timing! Go practice!

In the hall of the mountain king! Perfectly timed!

Learn something new everyday!

To Learn is Simple

Don’t make it complicated!

Lord of the Rings based on the book.

I highly encourage you to give this a listen. Find it somewhere. It is amazing.


Here is one I found if it works

Composition Assignment

Here is the information for the composition assignment. Have fun making music! ♫


Honor Band 2016

Great job on your performance. What a great rehearsal and concert! I can’t wait till next year

Have a great summer!

Practice and you might get a record deal like this guy!


Upcoming Composition Assignment

Composition assignment

Student solo + ensemble

Students should have already selected their solo or ensemble piece by now. If they have not done this it is in the grade book as a zero. Please help students select their solo ASAP.

I have music here at school and they can go online to
8notes.com Login ID: nchansen@wsd.net Password: (ask Mr. Koster)

They can also purchase music from the local music stores or sites like sheetmusicplus.com