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Secondary 1 Integrated textbook videos

Here is a link to access videos for each lesson in the integrated textbook. Make sure to choose “Integrated Mathematics” as the program and the green book (that looks like your book).

Secondary 1 Notes (Integrated Mathematics Sequencing)

Chapter 1- Equations

1.2 solving multistep equations

1.3 HW evaluate and justify

1.3 equations with variables on both sides

1.4 absolute value equations

1.5 literal equations , solving for a variable


evaluate and justify wksht

equations story problems

Chapter 2- Inequalities

inequalities and equations story problems , inequalities and equations story problems b , inequalities and equations story problems c

ch 2 inequalities

2.4 multistep inequalities

2.5 compound inequalities

2.6 absolute value inequalities

Chapter 3- Features of functions

review- graphing

graphing using intercepts

3.1 functions

3.2 linear functions

3.3 function notation

d=rt problems

graphing using intercepts

standard and slope-intercept form

equations slope and y intercept

features of functions

features of functions 2

Interpreting graphs and equations

interpreting functions

Chapter 4- Systems of equations

graphing systems



5.4 special systems

systems story problems

systems story problems- big ideas

5.6 graphing linear inequalities

5.7 systems of linear inequalities

chapter 5- Sequences

intro to arithmetic sequences b

arithmetic sequences wksht (blue)

geometric sequences intro- growing growing dots

geometric sequence wksht 9.8

3.4 graphing sequences – MVP book

3.5 sequences – MVP book

3.6 arithmetic or geometric MVP book

3.8 arithmetic means MVP book

3.9 geometric means MVP book

3.10b multiple representations of sequences MVP book

4.1 Discrete and continuous

4.2-4.3 comparing rate of change

4.3 Comparing Rate of Change




4.7 types of linear formulas

application of percent 4.8

4.9 compound interest

Chapter 6- geometry

8.1 points lines and planes

8.3 midpoint

pythagorean theorem

8.3 distance formula

simplifying radicals | simplifying radicals part 2

8.4 perimeter and area on coordinate planes

8.5 angles

line and angle relationships | proving lines parallel

Triangle congruence- SSS SAS | Triangle congruence- ASA AAS

Triangle congruence- CPCTC

finding parts of triangles

HL theorem

pythagorean theorem and distance formula


6.5-6.6 MVP polygons and perpendicular lines

task 6.5-6.7 MVP quadrilaterals

11.1 translations

11.2 reflections

11.3 rotations

reflections rotations and slope- tranformation wksht

transformations 2

geometry constructions

constructing polygons

Comparing Data- to use with Test Score Comparison

interpreting statistics

scatter plots

standard deviation

box plots

Integrated Mathematics Text Book

Here is the Big Ideas Integrated Mathematics 1 textbook. You also have access t o a SKILLS REVIEW handbook, GAME CLOSET, and a MATH APP.

How to cover your math book with a paper bag

Watch here to learn how to use a paper bag to cover your math book.


Here is the link to the Aleks program. Aleks is an online program to assess prior knowledge and teach students what they do not know. It will help them fill in any holes in their knowledge and reinforce current math topics. Students will be required to do 10 topics a week at home all year long. Click here if you want to take a tour of Aleks (explaining what Aleks is).

Make a 3D Paper SnowFlake

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Here is the link for flextangles.


Math Used in Real Life

When not knowing math costs you $15,000

Math in Soccer

Changing Obesity Rates

Life Expectancy

Delivering Packages

Living Wage in California

Restaurant Tips

Gender Wage Gap

Credit Cards

House Construction

Kentucky Horse Park– speed, time, and strides

How does your size compare to T. rex?

Math in Fencing

Dinosaur World

Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory

world’s largest skillet 

Boston Harbor Project

Estimating Fish Population

Music- Frequencies and Pitch

Beating Usain Bolt

Analyzing and Comparing Companies

Music Transposition

Using Animation to find Lincoln

How much does it really cost to raise a child?

Music in the Real World


Careers that use Math

Math in Real life

Cake Decorating


Nursing Education Specialist

Data Analyst




Weather Forecaster

Physical Trainer


Athletic Trainer

Production Scheduler

Real Estate Appraiser


Network Engineer

Restaurant Manager

Civil Engineer


Police Accident Investigator

Baseball Assistant General Manager (Arizona Diamondbacks)

Zoo Keeper- Hoofstock | Zoo Keeper- Birds

Making movies- computer animation – Pixar movies

Graph paper

Graph paper with 9 graphs- graph paper- 9 grids

Graph paper with 6 graphs- Graph paper 3

Graph paper with one grid –graph paper

Watch a video

Chapter 1-solving  and graphing linear equations

2-step equations, Multi-step equations , equation word problems, Equations with variables on both sides , Equations with Fractions

Graphing linear equations, converting to slope-intercept form then graphing

Solving systems of equations by graphing, Solving systems by substitution , solving systems by elimination , solving systems by elimination part 2 , special types of systems of equations

Putting equations in slope-intercept formSolving for a variable , Solving for a variable pt 2

Writing and using inequalities , compound inequalities -or , compound inequalities- and ,  compound inequalities with no solution , compound inequalities with all real numbers

Evaluating Expressions , Evaluating expressions pt 2

Chapter 2- systems of equations

Solving Systems by Substitution , Solving Systems by Elimination ,  Elimination part 2 , Special systems

Graphing Linear inequalities , Systems of inequalities , Graphing using the intercepts

Interval and set notation for inequalities

Exponents , negative exponents

Chapter 3- arithmetic and geometric sequences

Recursive and explicit Equations, another video, Arithmetic SequencesArithmetic sequences as functions, finding the nth term of arithmetic, find the nth term of a geometric sequence,  graph a geometric sequence,

Chapter 4- linear and exponential functions

Rate of change, Write an equation from 2 points, graph an exponential function, Linear or exponential graph, exponential growth, compound interest,  exponential decay, Simple interest, commission, tax, discrete and continuous

Chapter 5- features of functions

 Domain and Range, Is it a function?, Domain and range from a graph, Domain and rangeIndependent and Dependent Variables, Increasing and decreasing,

Chapter 6- geometry

Pythagorean Theorem, Checking for right triangles,  Distance Formula, Midpoint Formula, Angle Relationships, Proving lines parallel, SAS and SSS Postulates, AAS Theorem and ASA Postulate, CPCTC, Geometry Constructions,

Chapter 7-  linking algebra and geometry

Properties of Quadrilaterals

Chapter 8- statistics

Box plots, Displaying data,  Stem-and-leaf plot, Histogram, Box-and-whisker plots, misleading graphs,

Watch a Video

1.1 Integers and absolute value

1.2 Adding Integers , another video

1.3 Subtracting integers , another video, word problem video

1.4 Multiplying integers

1.5 Dividing integers

1.6 Coordinate plane

2.1 Rational Numbers (fractions to decimals), another video (decimals to fractions)

2.2 Adding & Subtracting Rational Numbers (adding like fractions), another video (adding & subtracting like and unlike fractions), another video (getting a common denominator, another video (adding fractions with different signs)

2.3 Multiplying Fractions , Dividing Fractions 

2.4 Solving Equations using addition or subtraction

2.5 Solving equations using multiplication or division

Combining like terms (algebraic expressions) , another video ,

Distributive property ,

2.6 Solving 2-step equations , another video

Solving Inequalities

3.1 Rates and unit rates, Ratios, Unit Rates

3.2 Slope

3.3 Proportions

3.4 Writing Proportions

3.5 Solving Proportions, Ratios, Proportions and Cross Products

3.6 Converting Measures between Systems

3.7 Direct Variation

3.8 Inverse Variation

4.1 The Percent Equation, another video,

4.2 Percent of Change

4.3 Discounts and Markups, another discount video

4.4 Simple Interest,

5.1 Identify Similar Figures

5.2 Perimeter and Area of Similar Figures

5.3 Finding unknown measures in similar figures

5.4 Scale Drawings

11.1 Classifying Angles, Complementary and Supplementary, Vertical angles, Vertical angles 2

6.1 Drawing 3D Figures

6.2 Surface Area of Prisms

Area and Circumference of Circles

6.3 Surface Area of Cylinders

6.4 Surface Area of Pyramids

6.5 Surface Area of Cones

6.6 Surface Area of Composite Solids

7.1 Volume of Prisms

7.2 Volume of Cylinders

7.3 Volume of Pyramids

7.4 Volume of Cones

7.5 Volume of Composite Solids

7.6 Surface area and volume of similar solids

8.1 Stem-and-leaf plots

8.2 Histograms

8.3 Circle Graphs

8.4 Samples and Populations

9.1 Introduction to Probability

9.2 Theoretical Probability

9.3 Experimental Probability

9.4 Independent and Dependent Events