Food for thought. Below is a message from the Utah Safety Council on distracted driving.

distracted driving

Hands-Free is not Risk Free
April is Distracted Driving Awareness month and the Utah Safety Council wants to emphasize that hands-free devices are not any safer than manually answering the phone while driving.

80 percent of American drivers believe hands-free devices are safer than using a handheld phone but that is not the case. Have you ever been talking with the passengers in your car and missed a turn or ran a red light? Many studies have shown that hands-free devices are no safer because the brain is still distracted by the conversation. When talking on the cellphone, drivers are distracted and will miss up to half of what is going on around them such as: pedestrians, stop signs, and traffic lights.

Many states require people to use hands-free devices instead which is why there is a lot of confusion about hands-free devices. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, hands-free features in dashboards actually increase mental distraction. Texas A&M found that using voice-to-text functions are as distracting as typing the texts manually while driving.

As we are driving this April, let us all remember that hands-free driving is not risk free and keep our phones off and out of sight. 


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Re-Employment Questionaire

The 2015-16 Re-Employment Questionnaire is now available on Employee Online.  ALL EMPLOYEES (except substitutes, part-time custodians, temporary employees, and board members) need to complete the questionnaire through Employee Online by February 28th, 2015.  If you have further questions please contact Human Resources 801-476-7886.


Kevin Sederholm

Executive Human Resources Director


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To all bus drivers and substitute bus drivers:
DRIVERS: when you are assigned a substitute driver call them immediately! Make sure you make personal contact with them. You can follow up with a text message, but make sure you get a response from them. DO NOT assume they are available to run your route just because Brian has assigned them to you. It is your responsibility to make contact with them and follow through. Also, let them know of any late starts or early outs your school may be having the day they are driving for you.
SUBSTITUTES: please get back with the drivers as soon as possible and let them know if you are available to drive for them.

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Utah bus idling reduction program inspires statewide effort – News – School Bus Fleet

Utah bus idling reduction program inspires statewide effort – News – School Bus Fleet.

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Locating Your Students Bus Stop

Click on the picture of the school bus below.  Type in your home address and click on FIND.

It will show you on the map where your home is located. Students bus stops are listed on the left.  If your student is a walking student it will not show any stops.




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