Welcome Nebraska Cornhuskers!

Posted on June 9, 2016 by Mrs. Davies.
Categories: General Information.

Congratulations on becoming a Nebraska Cornhusker!  Our slogan is “Go Big Red” and that’s “A GO!” for reaching new heights.  So strap on your boots and get ready for…

  • “A Go!”  to master multiplication, divison, area, perimeter, volume, decimals & fractions.
  • “A Go!” to writing in cursive and composing persuasive, expository and narrative pieces.
  • “A Go!”  to deeper reading comprehension and higher fluency.
  • “A Go!” to learning the history of our state and nation.
  • “A Go!” to exploring Scientific Subjects such as:  Rock Cycle, Utah Geology/Animal/Plant Classification, Water Cycle, Weather, Electricity, Magnetism, the Earth, and Inherited Traits.
  • “A Go!” to exciting field trips, art projects, and music.

nebraska corn huskers logoWay to “GO” Nebraska Cornhuskers!