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Posture Test (2nd Semester 7th Grade)

Steps to Posture

  1. Feet shoulder width apart

  2. Knees slightly bent

  3. Backbone straight

  4. Sternum bone high

  5. Arms relaxed and to the side

  6. Head Level

Steps for Breathing

  1. Expand the lungs out and down, pushing the diaphragm muscle down (Think into stomach)

  2. Inhale silently without gasping or making any other noise

  3. Expand your entire waistline, keeping the shoulders low and relaxed

  4. Raise your soft palate as you take in your breath. (Imagine yawning) Keep the palate high as you sing.

Count in 4 time

Image result for half rest symbol

Whole note receives 4 counts, half note receives 2 counts, quarter note receives 1 count, and the eighth note receives 1/2 count.

Image result for measure in music
Breath Mark –   Related image
Image result for tie and slur

Time Signature (Below) –

     Image result for time signature
2nd semester 7th grade vocabulary

  1. A capella – Unaccompanied choral music

  2. Accompaniment – Choral music supported by an instrument

  3. Alto – Lowest Female voice

  4. A tempo – Go back to the original speed

  5. Bass – Lowest Male voice

  6. Common time – The same as 4/4 time. The most common time in music

  7. Down Beat – The first beat in a measure

  8. Duet – Two people performing at the same time

  9. Dynamics – The louds and softs in music

  10. Harmony – The part that supports the melody

  11. Melody – The main part of the song.  The part you go away humming

  12. Palate – The roof of your mouth

  13. Pick Up – The beat before the down beat

  14. Quartet – Four people performing at the same time

  15. Solo – One person performing by themselves

  16. Soprano – Highest female voice

  17. Tempo – The speed of the song

  18. Tenor – The highest Male voice

  19. Trio – Three people performing at the same time

  20. Unison – All parts singing the same notes


       Related image


     Related image  – Coda

    Image result for sign in music  – Sign

     Image result for repeat sign   – Repeat sign

    Image result for repeat sign  – First and Second Endings

    Image result for fermata symbol – Fermata – To hold

    DC al Coda/DC al Fine – Go back to the Beginning until Coda/Go back to the beginning until Fine (Finish)

    DS al Coda/DS al Fine – Go back to the Sign until Coda/Go back to the sign until Fine (Finish)

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