Safety Test



I’ve attached the slides to the safety test. ┬áThe only tools you need to review are the:

Band Saw


Design Process Quiz Retake Information

Here is the link to the Notes for the Design Process Slide.

Study slide 21 for the quiz.

2 Points for Correct Word in the Box

1 Point for Correct Wording in the Diamond

1 Point for the Y in the Diamond

1 Point for the N in the Diamond


30 Points Total

1.2.1.A DesignProcess (1)



CTE Intro Tech and Engineering Extra Credit Ruler Game. This needs to be completed before Friday 3.13.2015.

Search the Ruler Game on


For English Measurements get 2,00o points with the timer off on 1/16th’s, for 10 extra credit points.

For the Metric get 2,000 points with the timer off for 5 extra credit points.