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Monday, November 30

Nov-30-2015 By wjorgensen

Vocabulary #7, Grammar worksheet: parts of speech, class novels

1st period – read up to chapter 15 TKAM

4th period – read up to chapter 19 Imposters

5th period – read up to chapter 11 Hound

Tuesday, Nov 24

Nov-24-2015 By wjorgensen

Computer Lab – Type and submit via Google Docs you picture story (2 pages min., MLA style, double spaced, 12 font, max 10 pages)



Monday, Nov 23

Nov-24-2015 By wjorgensen

Correct Voc Test #6, finish sequence & characterization, grammar: preps & adverbs

Friday, Nov. 20

Nov-19-2015 By wjorgensen

Journal Prompt, Vocabulary Test #6, Sequence & Characterization worksheet

Thursday, Nov 19

Nov-19-2015 By wjorgensen

9th CCR – Library (college & career readiness)

6h & 7th – Jamestown #5 + video

Wednesday, Nov 18

Nov-18-2015 By wjorgensen

picture#3picture#2story picture5

Pick one or two or all of them and add to your story.  Mavericks #5 + video “Tiger Trainers”



Tuesday, Nov 17

Nov-17-2015 By wjorgensen



Picture Story #4 (Add to your story), Vocabulary #6, Class Novels

story picture#4

Choose the bus or this picture for story picture #4

Monday, Nov 16

Nov-16-2015 By wjorgensen








Story Picture #3 (add this object to your story)  Correct Vocab #5 Test, Article of the Week – Me Me Me Generation


Friday, Nov 13

Nov-12-2015 By wjorgensen


Story Picture #2 (continue on writing your story – this is a character you need to add to it)  Vocabulary Test #5,  Weird News #5



Thursday, Nov 12

Nov-12-2015 By wjorgensen


Story Starter Picture #1 – write the setting and opening of your story.  Literature Book pg. 173  “The Cask of Amontillado”

Story starter – picturestory picture #1