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Wednesday, February 25

Feb-24-2015 By wjorgensen


Science Lab – Romeo & Juliet Power Point Slides

Tuesday, February 24

Feb-23-2015 By wjorgensen

Group work with group acts from Romeo & Juliet

Worksheet + questions + vocabulary

Monday, February 23

Feb-23-2015 By wjorgensen

Vocab 13A&B, Grammar, Stargirl

Honors: questions due for TKAM & The Outsiders

Tuesday – Friday (Feb 17-20)

Feb-23-2015 By wjorgensen

Introduce William Shakespeare  РVideos, Globe Theatre, Lesson #1 and Lesson #2, and power point

Friday, February 13

Feb-13-2015 By wjorgensen

Journal Entry – acrostic poem using the word VALENTINE

Vocab #12 test

Stargirl or TKAM – read up to chapter 21 – Outsiders – read up to chapter 12

Thursday, February 12

Feb-13-2015 By wjorgensen

Introduction to Shakespeare + character sheets + powerpoints

Wednesday, February 11

Feb-11-2015 By wjorgensen

Mavericks #9 – Astronaut Mechanics

Video + questions+prompt

Reading for Honors:  TKAM Рread to chapter 18

Outsiders – read to chapter 10

Tuesday, February 10

Feb-11-2015 By wjorgensen

Literature Book pg. 365 + questions

Monday, February 9

Feb-9-2015 By wjorgensen

Vocab 11 + correct test, Vocab 12, grammar wrksht, and read Stargirl

Honors:  Vocab Test 11, vocab 12, grammar, read TKAM & Outsiders

Friday, Feb 6

Feb-5-2015 By wjorgensen

Finish SAGE Writing Test – Be prepared to take vocab #11 test