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Monday, October 27

Oct-27-2014 By wjorgensen

Warmups, Science Lab – Yearbook Survey & MyAccess

(Two prompts to choose from, due Friday night)

Friday, October 24

Oct-27-2014 By wjorgensen

No School – Teacher Workday/Training

Thursday, October 23

Oct-27-2014 By wjorgensen

Hound Video + Preposition Quiz

Wednesday, October 22

Oct-22-2014 By wjorgensen

Mavericks #6, Grammar – Prepositions, Hound + video

Scarlett + video, finish TKAM

Tuesday, October 21

Oct-22-2014 By wjorgensen

Writing Prompt, Mavericks #6, Grammar

2nd, 3rd, 4th – assembly (Rachel’s Challenge)

Monday, October 20

Oct-22-2014 By wjorgensen

Correct Test, Vocab 4A, Article of the Week – Dinosaurs + class novel

Wednesday, October 15

Oct-14-2014 By wjorgensen

Vocab 3A&B Test, finish grammar, novel + video

Journal prompt: Are goals and career planning overwhelming? Why is it good/bad? Do you plan out your life?  OR

How significant do you feel your school years are in regards to the rest of your life? Does it shape how you are or will become?

Tuesday, October 14

Oct-14-2014 By wjorgensen

Grammar – Prepositions, Class Novel

Monday, October 13

Oct-14-2014 By wjorgensen

Vocab 3B, Class novel + video

Hound of Baskerville (1-5), Scarlet Pimpernel (6th), TKAM (7th)

Friday, Oct 10

Oct-10-2014 By wjorgensen

Mavericks #5 (Lion Tamers), correct quiz