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Friday, October 3

Sep-30-2014 By wjorgensen

Vocabulary Test 2A&B, Journal Prompt

Thursday, October 2

Sep-30-2014 By wjorgensen

Mavericks #4, Humor Worksheet

Wednesday, October 1

Sep-30-2014 By wjorgensen

Grammar – Pronouns, Class novels

Tuesday, Sept 30

Sep-30-2014 By wjorgensen

Computer Lab – fix persuasive essay + citations

Monday, Sept 29

Sep-30-2014 By wjorgensen

Vocab 2B, Article of the Week (14 signs how the sun will die) class novels

Friday, September 26

Sep-26-2014 By wjorgensen

MyAccess – 5-6 paragraphs Concentrate on Opening paragraph and then correctly citing the source from the articles.

closes Monday night at midnight

“Are Expensive Clothes Worth It?” Link: “Are Expensive Clothes Worth It?”

Link to Life is a Game of Dress-UpLife Is a Game of Dress-UP

Thursday, Sept 25

Sep-26-2014 By wjorgensen

Expanded Moment  Worksheet,  Hound Video, Pronouns

Wednesday, Sept. 24

Sep-24-2014 By wjorgensen

Finish/Correct Mavericks #3, Noun quiz

Tuesday, Sept. 23

Sep-24-2014 By wjorgensen

Mavericks #3 + video + questions


Monday, Sept. 22

Sep-19-2014 By wjorgensen

Vocab 2A, correct voc test 1A&B,  class novels (Hound of Baskerville, Scarlet Pimpernel, Kill A Mockingbird),