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Friday, November 21

Nov-19-2014 By wjorgensen

Vocabulary 5A&B Test, The Outsiders

6th & 7th – Vocabulary 5A&B Test, New Novels

Thursday, November 20

Nov-19-2014 By wjorgensen

Grammar Bk pg 407 – parts of speech, The Outsiders, Science Lab (finish power points)

6th & 7th – Grammar Bk pg 407-parts of speech, Science Lab

Wednesday, November 19

Nov-19-2014 By wjorgensen

Lang. Book – Grammar pg 404-406 (Conjunctions, Interjections), The Outsiders + questions

6th & 7th – Grammar Bk pg 404-406 (Conjunctions, Interjections), Mavericks #7 + Video (Sherpas)

Tuesday, Nov 18

Nov-17-2014 By wjorgensen

1-5th pds. – writing prompt,  outsider writing promptThe Outsiders, Science Lab – powerpoint

6-7th pds. – writing prompt,  stargirl writing promptStargril, Science Lab -powerpoint

Monday, November 17

Nov-17-2014 By wjorgensen

Vocab 5B, The Outsiders + questions, Science Lab – powerpoint presentations

6th & 7th – Vocab 5B, Stargirl, Science Lab – powerpoint presentations

Friday, Nov 14

Nov-14-2014 By wjorgensen

Grammar: finish adverbs, The Outsiders + questions, Sci Lab – work on powerpoints

6th & 7th – Stargirl chapter 28-29, Sci Lab – work on powerpoints

Outsiders Rubric look under Outsiders page Outsiders rubic

6th & 7th Periods Rubric look under Stargirl 6th & 7th Honors rubric

Thursday, Nov 13

Nov-14-2014 By wjorgensen

Grammar: Adverbs, The Outsiders, Sci Lab – work on powerpoints

6th & 7th – newspaper articles on kindness – Chapters 25, 26, 27

Wednesday, Nov 12

Nov-12-2014 By wjorgensen

Journal Prompt: 1-5th periods

Complete one the following:

Make a list of 5 “groups” in this school. What would the strengths and weaknesses be for each one? (List 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses for each group).  Are these groups more of a “Clique” or a “Gang”? What is the difference?                                                     OR

Make a list of 10 friends and give them “Nicknames”. Make sure you include yourself. List the items that contributed to their names, i.e.…. Interests, social status, looks, attitude, etc

Science lab – work on powerpoints

6th -7th periods:

1. What is peer pressure?

2. Where does peer pressure come from?

3. What can I do when confronted with peer pressure?

4. Why is it important to choose your friends carefully?

5. What is the nature of the friendships and relationships amongst the students at Rocky Mountain?



Tuesday, November 11

Nov-12-2014 By wjorgensen

Grammar:  Adverb clause & adverbs, The Outsiders + questions

6th & 7th – Stargirl

Monday – Nov 10

Nov-12-2014 By wjorgensen

Vocab 5A, correct big 1-4 vocab test, class novels

1-5 The Outsiders

6-7 Stargirl