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Thursday, April 28

Apr-28-2016 By wjorgensen

The Outsiders Book

Comic Book Group Work

Color & their meanings – power pointColors and Their Meanings

Wednesday, April 27

Apr-27-2016 By wjorgensen

Grammar: Words often Confused + Spelling Rules

Comic Book Group Work – Boxes 1-9 complete, start drawing

Tuesday, April 26

Apr-25-2016 By wjorgensen

Grammar: Gerunds & Infinitives

The Outsiders/Group Comic Book Work

Monday, April 25

Apr-25-2016 By wjorgensen

Correct Voc. Test

Vocabulary #16

Comic Book Groups – Hero’s Journey

Friday, April 22

Apr-22-2016 By wjorgensen

Vocabulary #15 Test

The Outsiders + worksheet/questions

Thursday, April 21

Apr-22-2016 By wjorgensen

Finish Outsider pictures, Mavericks #10 “MMA Fighters” + video clips

Article of Week – due “What Makes A Hero?”

Wednesday, April 20

Apr-22-2016 By wjorgensen

Grammar: Direct & Indirect Objects

The Outsider 5 picture walk + The Outsiders book

Tuesday, April 19

Apr-19-2016 By wjorgensen

Article of the Week “What Makes A Hero?”

Comic book group work – setting, villain, hero, work on plot line

Monday, April 18

Apr-19-2016 By wjorgensen

Vocabulary #15, The Outsiders, Comic Book group work

Friday, April 15

Apr-19-2016 By wjorgensen

Comic Books – Setting power point

The Outsiders + worksheet