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October 16-18

Oct-17-2017 By wjorgensen

Monday: 9th & Honors: grammar – prep phrases, Mavericks #1 + questions

Tuesday: 9th & Honors: flex time registration, complete COTW ch 7 + questions

Wednesday: 9th & Honors: memorized preposition test (52 out of 63) 80% passing,  COTW ch 6 & 7 quiz + vocab

October 16 – October 20

Oct-13-2017 By wjorgensen

Monday 9th & honors: warm-ups, grammar-prepositions, Mavericks #1 pg. 14 Bounty Hunters + questions

October 9 – October 13

Oct-10-2017 By wjorgensen

Monday – 9th & Honors – warm-ups, correct quiz 4&5, COTW voc. ch 6, read COTW

Tuesday 9th & Honors – warm-ups, prep phrases & weird news #4

Wednesday – 9th – warm-ups, Pronoun & Antecedent, COTW Ch 6 + questions

Honors – Tangerine – warm-ups, final chapter  – hand in books and submit questions on Google classroom

Thursday – 9th & Honors:warm-ups,  COTW ch. 7 + video clip, Google classroom work

Friday – 9th & Honors: warm-ups, COTW ch 7 + questions, vocabulary


October 2 – October 6

Oct-4-2017 By wjorgensen

Monday: 9th grade: read COTW chapter #5 + questions, rough draft of COTW argumentative essay, grammar – preps

Honors: read Tangerine + questions, rough draft of essay, grammar – preps

Tuesday – 9th grade: Science lab – type par. #1 (use transition words)

Honors: read Ch 5 of COTW, science lab – type essay

Wednesday – 9th grade: grammar – pronoun problems (we/us), science lab-finish par. #1

Honors: finish ch 5 COTW, science lab – type essay

Thursday – 9th grade: grammar – prepositions, science lab – type #2, 3, 4 paragraphs of essay

Honors: grammar – pronouns, science lab – type essay

Friday – 9th grade: COTW quiz on chapters 4&5  Individual book (mystery/suspense) DUE TODAY

Honors: COTW quiz chapters 4&5  Individual book (mystery/suspense) DUE TODAY

Sept. 25 – 29 (Monday – Friday)

Sep-28-2017 By wjorgensen

Monday: COTW chapter 4, correct test

Honors: COTW chapter 4, correct test

Tuesday:grammar – Direct Objects, COTW chapter 4

Honors: Tangerine – pg. 224 discussion, grammar – usage problems

Wednesday:argumentative writing – 1st paragraph (see Google classroom)

Thursday: argumentative writing (1st par.), grammar: Indirect Objects, Voc. #5 COTW

Honors: 1st par writing, COTW Voc. #5, usuage quiz

Friday: Repetition for Effect worksheet, read chapter 5 in COTW

Honors: Repetition for Effect wrksht, read chapter 5 in COTW, Tangerine pg. 262

Sept. 18 – Sept. 22

Sep-18-2017 By wjorgensen

Monday, 9th English: COTW vocabulary – chapter 3, read in COTW, grammar, Weird News/Specific Details

Honors: COTW vocabulary, Tangerine questions, Weird News/Specific Details

Tuesday, 9th English: Grammar wrksht, COTW chapter questions (Google classroom) due one day after we finish the book

Honors: Tangerine questions + Google classroom,  (Tangerine and COTW questions) Grammar wrksht

Wednesday. 9th English: COTW finish reading chapter #3, personality test

Honors: COTW finish reading chapter #3, Confused words worksheet

Thursday: 9Th & Honors – COTW quiz chapter 2&3

Friday: 9th & Honors – correct test, grammar practice



Sept. 11 – Sept. 15

Sep-18-2017 By wjorgensen

Monday, 9th English: Chapter 2 COTW + vocabulary and discussion questions

Honors: Personality Test – Tangerine

Tuesday, 9th & Honors: COTW Chapter #1 Quiz

Wednesday, 9th English: Grammar wrksht, read COTW, correct test

Honors: correct test, grammar wrksht, Chapter #2 COTW

Thursday, 9th English: Punctuation in dialogue, finish chapter #2, specific details wrksht

Honors: punctuation in dialogue, personality test, specific details wrksht

Friday, 9th & Honors: Weird News #3, Google classroom questions

Tuesday, Sept. 5 – Friday, Sept. 8

Sep-5-2017 By wjorgensen

Tuesday: warm-ups, intro power point for Call of the Wild, vocabulary chapter #1, begin reading chapter 1 in COTW

Honors: warm-ups, intro power point for Fall of the Wild, vocabulary chapter #1, begin reading chapter 1, Tangerine journal questions due, discussion.

Wednesday: warm-ups, parts of speech test + correct, spelling (chapter 1 words), read COTW -chapter 1

Honors: warm-ups, parts of speech test + correct, (COTW spelling words), Tangerine pg. 96 + discussion


Monday, August 28 – Friday Sept. 1

Aug-31-2017 By wjorgensen

Monday: Warm-ups, library day (mystery, suspense, science fiction): this is the book project for Sept., sign the AUP

Honors: Tangerine Introduction and book forward + journal question

Tuesday: CIPA Training #1 & #2 (Digital Media Safety), parts of speech flashcards

Wednesday: Warm-ups, flashcards, 3-ring binder set up, chrome books

Thursday: Warm-ups, parts of speech worksheet (this is used as your study guide for the test on 9-6) use your flashcards for definitions, Call of the Wild packet and introduction power point.

Honors: Tangerine discussion and journal questions, (you will find these on Google Classroom) read to page 95 by 9-6.

Friday: Warm-ups, How Observant are You worksheet, Weird News #1, continue with intro power point of COTW

Tuesday – Friday Aug 22-25

Aug-31-2017 By wjorgensen

Early Out all week!  Rules & Regulations, Disclosure Statements, Getting To Know You Activity and pre -test Commonly Confused Words.