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Friday, Jan 30

Jan-30-2015 By wjorgensen

Hook Sentences – Vocab Test 10A&B – Social Media Essay Due Today!

Honors – Hook Sentences – Vocab Test 10A&B – questions to TKAM & Outsiders, Social Media Essay Due

Reading for the weekend – TKAM – Part II in book; Outsiders – read to chapter 7

Thursday, Jan 29

Jan-29-2015 By wjorgensen

Mavericks #10 (video + questions) Stargirl

Honors – Mavericks #10 (video + questions)

Attached questions for TKAM & The Outsiders TKAM-Outsider questions

Wednesday, Jan 28

Jan-27-2015 By wjorgensen

Media Center – 9th grade registration with Fremont High School

Reading assignment for Honors – TKAM read to page 117, Outsiders read to page 84

Tuesday, Jan 27

Jan-27-2015 By wjorgensen

Stargirl, Grammar – Apostrophes, Lit Book pg. 27 (Informational Text)

Monday, Jan 26

Jan-27-2015 By wjorgensen

Correct Test, Vocab 10A&B, Stargirl

Honors – Correct test & Usage quiz, Vocab 10, reading assignments

Friday, Jan 23

Jan-27-2015 By wjorgensen

Vocabulary Test 91A&B + Stargirl

Vocab Test 9A&B  + TKAM, Outsiders

Thursday, Jan 22

Jan-27-2015 By wjorgensen

Argumentative paper – social media + videos, usage quiz

honors – argumentative paper – social media + videos, cause & effect

Wednesday, Jan 21

Jan-21-2015 By wjorgensen

Correct Vocab Test 8, vocab words for 9 A&B, Social Media Argumentative Paper + videos – complete a 6 paragraph essay by Jan 30.

Tuesday, Jan 20

Jan-16-2015 By wjorgensen

Take Vocab Test 8A&B + correct test.  Vocab 9A&B – Social Media Argumentative Essay Beginning.

Honors – Introduction to To Kill A Mockingbird, The Outsiders + Vocab test.

Monday, Jan 19

Jan-16-2015 By wjorgensen

Martin Luther King Jr – NO SCHOOL