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Sept 19, Friday

Sep-17-2014 By wjorgensen

Vocabulary Test 1A&1B, Article of Week – due, Scope Magazine

Sept 18, Thursday

Sep-17-2014 By wjorgensen

Grammar – Infinitives & Gerunds, writing prompts, class novels + study guides

Sept 17 – Wednesday

Sep-17-2014 By wjorgensen

Mavericks – finish & correct, Repetition for Effect worksheet, Hound of Baskervilles

6th – “same “,  Scarlet Pimpernel

7th – “same”, Kill A Mockingbird


Sept 16 – Tuesday

Sep-17-2014 By wjorgensen

Mavericks #2 – Window Washers, Journal entry

Sept 15 – Monday

Sep-17-2014 By wjorgensen

Article of Week – Eyecare, Vocab 1B, Study Guide to novels

Sept 8-12

Sep-17-2014 By wjorgensen

Monday – voc 1A, Intro to Hound of Baskervilles

Tuesday – Specific Details, Hound

Wednesday – Grammar – Nouns, Hound + video

Thursday – DRP Test

Friday – DRP Test

Sept 5 – Friday

Sep-5-2014 By wjorgensen

Mavericks #1 + video; Article of Week – Teen Driving

Sept 4 – Thursday

Sep-5-2014 By wjorgensen

Figurative Language Wrksht; Mavericks #1 Bounty Hunters

Wednesday – Sept 3

Sep-3-2014 By wjorgensen

Writing Prompt:  List five things that make you happy, list five things that would make you successful, list two goals for the year.

Media Center:  9th grade presentation – counseling dept.

Tuesday – Sept 2

Sep-3-2014 By wjorgensen

Finish “Dangerous Game” watch video – compare/contrast