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Friday, February 12

Feb-12-2016 By wjorgensen

Vocabulary Test #11

“The Interlopers” pg. 151 – finish reading + write alternative ending

Thursday, Feb 11

Feb-11-2016 By wjorgensen

Literature Book:  pg 151 “The Interlopers”

quick write, introduction to voice, indirect objects(grammar)

Wednesday, Feb 10

Feb-11-2016 By wjorgensen

Finish up Act V – Romeo & Juliet

Post Test, Romeo & Juliet Assessment

Finish Direct Objects

Tuesday, Feb 9

Feb-11-2016 By wjorgensen

Romeo & Juliet Presentations

Grammar: Direct Objects

Monday, Feb 8

Feb-8-2016 By wjorgensen

Correct voc. test

Vocabulary #11 – click on the vocabulary page at the top

Article of the Week “Disney Movies & Princesses” – click on the ArtofWeek at the top

Friday, Feb 5

Feb-8-2016 By wjorgensen

Vocabulary Test #10

Group Presentations – Romeo & Juliet

Thursday, Feb4

Feb-8-2016 By wjorgensen

Shakespearean Insults

Group Presentations – Romeo & Juliet

Wednesday, February 3

Feb-3-2016 By wjorgensen

What’s your Shakespearean name? –

group presentations Act I – Romeo & Juliet

Tuesday, February 2

Feb-2-2016 By wjorgensen

Shakespearean Compliments – love letters

group work – Acts from Romeo & Juliet

Monday, February 1

Feb-1-2016 By wjorgensen

Vocabulary #10, Math Lab – finish power point for Romeo & Juliet group presentations