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Monday, August 28 – Friday Sept. 1

Aug-31-2017 By wjorgensen

Monday: Warm-ups, library day (mystery, suspense, science fiction): this is the book project for Sept., sign the AUP

Honors: Tangerine Introduction and book forward + journal question

Tuesday: CIPA Training #1 & #2 (Digital Media Safety), parts of speech flashcards

Wednesday: Warm-ups, flashcards, 3-ring binder set up, chrome books

Thursday: Warm-ups, parts of speech worksheet (this is used as your study guide for the test on 9-6) use your flashcards for definitions, Call of the Wild packet and introduction power point.

Honors: Tangerine discussion and journal questions, (you will find these on Google Classroom) read to page 95 by 9-6.

Friday: Warm-ups, How Observant are You worksheet, Weird News #1, continue with intro power point of COTW

Tuesday – Friday Aug 22-25

Aug-31-2017 By wjorgensen

Early Out all week!  Rules & Regulations, Disclosure Statements, Getting To Know You Activity and pre -test Commonly Confused Words.

August 22-August 25

Aug-17-2017 By wjorgensen

Welcome Back:)

Please make sure you sign the electronic disclosure on my blog by Friday for points!

Supplies for English:  A three-ring binder w/college ruled paper (lots), dividers for binder, composition book (used only for English), pencils/pens, multiple highlighters(s), multi-colored post-it notes, a personal reading book, all assignments, and an open mind.