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Sept. 18 – Sept. 22

Sep-18-2017 By wjorgensen

Monday, 9th English: COTW vocabulary – chapter 3, read in COTW, grammar, Weird News/Specific Details

Honors: COTW vocabulary, Tangerine questions, Weird News/Specific Details

Tuesday, 9th English: Grammar wrksht, COTW chapter questions (Google classroom) due one day after we finish the book

Honors: Tangerine questions + Google classroom,  (Tangerine and COTW questions) Grammar wrksht

Wednesday. 9th English: COTW finish reading chapter #3, personality test

Honors: COTW finish reading chapter #3, Confused words worksheet

Thursday: 9Th & Honors – COTW quiz chapter 2&3

Friday: 9th & Honors – correct test, grammar practice



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