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November 27 – December 1

Nov-27-2017 By wjorgensen

Monday – 9th & Honors: warm-ups, vocabulary #3, grammar – modifiers w/adj & adv, The Outsiders

Tuesday – warm-up (Tell about your Thanksgiving Holiday) 1/2 page.  The Outsiders – reading; Google Classroom – Adjective & Adverb Independent Study Worksheet

Wednesday -warm-ups, read book + work on Outsider presentation

Thursday – warm-ups, grammar (adj & adv), packet + read The Outsiders

Friday – warm-ups, Vocab Test #3, The Outsiders



November 20-24

Nov-27-2017 By wjorgensen

Monday:  CCRP – Library all classes

Tuesday: College Application, The Outsiders

Wednesday – Friday — THANKSGIVING BREAK

November 13-17

Nov-15-2017 By wjorgensen

Monday: warm-ups, correct voc. test #, vocabulary #2, The Outsiders

Tuesday: warm-up, pre-reading test, Smiley Face Tricks test (take home)

Wednesday: warm-ups, reading comprehension, personal narrative outline, The Outsiders

Thursday: warm-ups, Lady or the Tiger + Google classroom questions & writing prompt

Friday:  warm-ups, Vocabulary Test #2, The Outsiders

November 6- November 10

Nov-7-2017 By wjorgensen

Monday 9th & Honors:  warm-ups, Introduce The Outsiders, Packets + book, Introduce characters.

Tuesday: warm-ups, vocabulary #1, The Outsiders packet + read

Wednesday: warm-ups, grammar-adverbs, The Outsiders

Honors: warm-ups, intro to class books and The Outsiders

Thursday: warm-ups, The Outsiders + read, Grammar – Adj or Adv

Friday: warm-ups,  Vocabulary #1 Test, The Outsiders

October 30 – Nov 3

Nov-1-2017 By wjorgensen

Monday:  9th & Honors: yearbook survey, grammar-adverb/adjective, scary stories

Tuesday: 9th & Honors: scary stories

Wednesday: 9th & Honors: correct assessment #2, grammar-adverbs, Image walk + opinionaire

Thursday: 9th & Honors: 10 questions, Introduction to The Outsiders

Friday: 9th & Honors: Introduction to era & author, character introduction, read The Outsiders

Honors: receive new individual reading book + questions.