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Dec 18 – Dec 21

Dec-15-2017 By wjorgensen

Monday – Warm-up, The Outsider movie

Tuesday – Warm-up, The Outsider

Wednesday – Warm-up, The Outsider movie + compare/contrast paper

Thursday – warm-up, Christmas assembly

Monday 12-11 – Friday 12-15

Dec-11-2017 By wjorgensen

Monday – warm-ups, vocabulary #5, grammar: homophones, read The Outsiders

Tuesday – warm-ups, quick grammar, read The Outsiders

Wednesday – warm-ups, Stolen Necklace worksheet, grammar: Homophones, The Outsiders

Thursday – warm-ups,  read The Outsiders + power point

Friday – finish The Outsiders, turn in vocabulary, start movie


Monday, December 4- December 8

Dec-5-2017 By wjorgensen

Monday: warm-ups, correct test #3,  vocabulary #4, The Outsiders

Tuesday: warm-ups, The Outsiders + work on power point project

Wednesday: warm-ups, grammar, The Outsiders

Thursday: break-out box – library

Friday: warm-ups, vocabulary #4 Test