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March 26 – March 30

Mar-23-2018 By wjorgensen

Monday: warm-ups, correct voc. test #16, Vocab #17, R & J Acting papers, + video clips (Andy Griffith, Wishbone)

Tuesday: warm-ups, grammar – Capitalization, Romeo & Juliet Lesson #2 + compliments, R & J group time

Wednesday: warm-ups, grammar, Romeo & Juliet group work

Thursday: warm-ups,  Vocab Test #17

Friday:  NO SCHOOL

March 19-23

Mar-23-2018 By wjorgensen

Monday: warm-ups, correct test, vocabulary #16,

Tuesday: warm-ups, Intro to Globe Theater, Grammar –  (was, were)

Wednesday: warm-ups, Globe Theater, Lesson #1 Grammar (types of Sentences)

Thursday: warm-ups, power point on Shakespeare, Lesson #1

Friday: warm-ups, groups for R & J, Vocab Test #16

March 12 – March 16

Mar-14-2018 By wjorgensen

Monday:warm-ups, correct test, vocabulary #15, Among the Hidden

Tuesday: warm-ups (video), grammar-homophones/homonyms, Among the Hidden

Wednesday: warm-ups, grammar – Capitalization, Among the Hidden

Thursday: warm-ups, Vocabulary Test #15

Friday (early out + assembly):  warm-ups, Jamestown Reading

March 5- March 9

Mar-5-2018 By wjorgensen

Monday: warm-ups, correct voc test, Vocabulary #14, grammar-punctuation

Tuesday: warm-ups, counseling survey,  Benchmark Literature B

Wednesday: warm-ups, grammar-synonym/antonym, Among the Hidden + writing

Thursday: warm-ups, Monsters #19 + video clip

Friday: warm-ups,  Vocabulary Test #14, whodunits