9th Grade

Tuesday, November 20



Here is the link for the Google Form. Please let us know if you have any questions. We really appreciate you letting us do this during English classes!


Nov 12- Nov 16

7th grade:

Monday: Warm-up, Article of the Week – Power Aide (complete together as a class, due at the end of class)

Tuesday: Warm-up, grammar – phrases & clause worksheet, Everything Will Be Okay – story + questions

Wednesday: Warm-up, Jamestown #3 – The Angel of Long Point pg. 30  (A,B,C,D,AA)  correct after


9th grade:

Monday: Warm-up, Vocab #10,   (See Canvas) Article of the Week – Smartphones at Dinner

Tuesday: Warm-up, “Lady or the Tiger” read hard copy out loud in class and then answer questions and complete the writing prompt on Canvas

Wednesday: Warm-up, finish “Lady or Tiger” assignment, Mavericks #6 pg. 61   “Bomb Squad” A, B, C, D, AA, Summarizing, Critical Thinking

Thursday: Warm-up, grammar – Topic & Audience, correct vocab test #9, argumentative power point

Friday: Warm-up, vocab test #10, Argument worksheet

11-6- 11-9

7th Grade: Vocab #5, subject/predicate worksheet, fairy tale, hook practice, vocab test #5

9th Grade: vocab #9, finish Dangerous Game w/plot paper, part of speech wrksht, read w/purpose (The House), vocab test #9 & weird news #4

10-29 – 11-2

7th: Art of Week – Last meals for inmates, Three Skeleton Key, Intro paragraph writing, Jamestown

9th: Vocabulary #8, prezi – plot structure, The  Most Dangerous Game, Vocab Test #8

10-22 – 10-26

7th grade English

Monday: warm-ups, Freak the Mighty, review and yearbook survey: 7th Yearbook survey

Tuesday: warm-ups, Freak the Mighty test

9th & Honors English

Monday: warm-ups, vocab #7, The Hitchhiker + questions

yearbook survey: 9th yearbook survey


10-15 – 10-19

Monday: warm-ups, correct voc test #6, Article of the Week

Tuesday: warm-ups, Smiley Face Tricks (expanded moment, figurative language), type final story

Wednesday: warm-ups, finish The Wanderer, type story on Canvas

Thursday: No School – fall break

Friday: No School – fall break

Sept 24 – Sept 28

7th English

Monday: warm-ups, vocab. #3, adverb power point

Tuesday: warm-ups, adverb notes + worksheet, Freak the Mighty

Wednesday: warm-ups, paragraph writing #2, Freak the Mighty

Thursday: warm-ups, adverbs + adjectives worksheet, Freak

Friday: warm-ups, voc. test #3, spelling worksheet, finish all reading tests

9th English & Honors

Monday: warm-ups (Week 2 paper), correct test, vocab #4, turn in weird news #2

Tuesday: warm-ups, Jekyll & Hyde + worksheet

Wednesday: warm-ups, Smiley Face Tricks + writing

Thursday: warm-ups, grammar – punctuation/capitalization, Jekyll & Hyde\

Friday: warm-ups, voc test #4

Sept 17 – 21

7th English

Monday: warm-ups, reading tests, article of week

Tuesday: warm-ups, art of week, adjective wrksht, Freak

Wednesday: warm-ups, writing paragraph w/adjectives, Freak

Thursday: warm-ups, adjectives, Freak the Mighty

Friday: warm-ups, Jamestown #1

9th English & Honors English

Monday: warm-ups, correct test, vocab #3, personality test

Tuesday: warm-ups, Tiger Trainers pg 46 + video clip, grammar- synonyms

Wednesday: warm-ups, reading tests, Jekyll & Hyde + video

Thursday: warm-ups, Smiley Face Tricks, Jekyll & Hyde

Friday: warm-ups, Voc Test #3, weird news #2



7th Grade Sept 10-14

Monday: warm-ups, vocabulary #2, (drop a hint), verb power point + notes

Tuesday: warm-ups, verb worksheet, Freak the Mighty

Wednesday: warm-ups, how to write a good topic sentence

Thursday: warm-ups, Freak the Mighty, Topic sentence w/ details (paragraph)

Friday: warm-ups, vocabulary #2 test, read theory test

9th & Honors English Sept 10 – 14

9th Grade  & Honors English

Monday – Warm-ups, correct voc. test #1, vocabulary #2, Jekyll & Hyde

Tuesday – warm-ups, canvas: Fabulous Fakes & Parts of Speech Test (must pass with 80%)

Wednesday – warm-ups, personality test, Jekyll & Hyde

Thursday – warm-ups, grammar: synonyms & homophones, writing prompt (1st paragraph writing)

Friday – warm-ups, voc test #2, Smiley Face Tricks