Culture Bowl

Students will form teams of 4 to compete in the Culture Bowl.  Questions vary according to level. All teams need to be prepared to answer culture and history questions relating to ASL, Chinese, German and Spanish .

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ASL Culture Questions
Chinese Culture Questions
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This event is open to ASL, German, Spanish and Chinese students of all levels.  Each level of team will be competing with other teams in their level. Students need to be familiar with all questions up to and including their level.

There is a limit of 1 team per school per level, but if there is space  we will compete with up to 16 teams. The committee can be petitioned to add more teams after initial registration.


Culture Bowl questions have been uploaded to Quizlet.  This is a free website and app. You do not need to create an account to use Quizlet. Simply search for AmySWalker, (look for picture below), and find the WLF Culture Bowl sets for your language. This is a great way to have your students practice on their own without you needing to make copies.


Rules for Culture Bowl

If all team members are present except for one, the team may still compete.  Late team members will not be allowed to enter a competition already in progress.  The team shall go to the assigned table and be seated with the team captain next to the judge.  The captain shall be the official spokesman for the team. Captains will rotate after each question. Two teams will compete at a time.

The judge will ask a question. There will be a target placed on the table an equal distance from each captain. Each captain will be holding a flyswatter. The first captain with the flyswatter on the target will give the answer to the question.  The captain may swat in at any time.  Discussion among team members is not permitted after the captain has swatted in.  If the question is answered correctly, the team is awarded one point.  If the question is answered incorrectly, the other team can steal it and earn the point. One round will last 5 minutes.  Team members will rotate through roll of captain after each question.

Tied matches will be resolved by asking current event questions relating to countries where ASL, Chinese, German or Spanish is spoken.  The judge will ask the question, and give the team 20 seconds to confer and write down their response.  The team with the correct response wins.

The losing team will be released and must leave the room.  The winning team should consult the contest chart to see which table to move to, and which team they will play next.  Only people presently competing will be allowed in the room.  Friends, enemies, and observers will remain outside.

Culture Bowl Competition Times

Level 1 will begin promptly at 5 PM.  Please arrive at the waiting room 15 minutes before your start time so we can get you registered and give you instructions for how to compete. Level 2 will compete at 5:40;  Level 3 at 6:10; and Level 4+ will begin at 6:30.  No spectators are allowed.


Contact Person

For questions regarding the Culture Bowl, please contact Amy Walker at

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